Current Group Members: Alfred, McKenzie, Jen, Jill, Lexie, Katlyn, Karen, and Dustin

Graduate Students

Masters Thesis Advisees

Jennifer Sieberg, degree June 2008, BGSU, Thesis Title: "Measuring Experimental Design Ability: A Test to Probe Critical Thinking"

Jill Jaksetic, degree expected June 2012, BGSU

research areas: Assessing Students' Comprehension of How Evolution Works: Do they really UNDERSTAND?

PhD Dissertation Advisees

Alfred Andrews, degree expected 2013, BGSU

research areas: The Analysis of Data Ability Test

Alexis Majorczyk, degree expected 2013, BGSU

research areas: Getting Student Group Work to Work: Characteristics of Individuals that Impact Their Team's Learning and Attitudes in an Introductory Biology Classroom, Role of Pedagogical Strategies in Student Learning and Satisfaction in the Introductory Biology Classroom

PhD Dissertation Co-Advisee

Jessica Sewald, June 2012, BGSU, Thesis Title: "A Multidisciplinary Approach to Bat Conservation in the Oak Openings Region of Northwest Ohio"

Master of Arts in Teaching, Advisees

Meredith Dielh, degree 2008, BGSU, Environmental Education and High School Students' Attitudes Towards Conservation

Jeannette Hawkins, degree 2008, BGSU, Comparison of Student Learning of Anatomy Teaching with Cadavers vs. Virtual Dissection

Undergraduate Learning Assistants (LAs)

LAs are undergraduates who work with me in facilitating active learning teaching strategies in the large enrolment lecture hall classroom.

Sarah Kainec, Computer Science, Spring 2006

Nick Schilling, Fall 2007

Lindsey Melden, Education, Spring 2007, Fall 2008

Amanda Feuerstein, Spanish, Fall 2009

Kaitlyn Gabriel, Biology, Fall 2009, Fall 2010

Lauren Higgins, Fall 2009

Jill Jaksetic, Biology, Fall 2009

Amy-Eunice Furcron, Biology, Fall 2010

Coral Curns, Education, Fall 2011

Jennifer Kotlarsic, Biology, Fall 2010, Fall 2011

Jennifer Benson, Biology Grad Student, Fall 2010

Dustin Few, Education, F2010, Fall 2011, Spring 2012, Fall 2012

McKenzie Brockman, Biology, Fall 2011, Spring 2012

Student Office Manager and Organizer of Huge Stacks of Surveys

Katlyn Birgensmith

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